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Spread joy as a Rainbow Ambassador

We’re looking for dedicated, friendly, and creative high school and college students to share the Double Rainbow Project's mission. We welcome students with unique interests and talents, but only require all of our applicants to have two things in common: a passion for helping others and a love of rainbows.

What will the program look like?

We see each ambassador as a part of the company and mission. We will create a timeline for events together and collaborate on ideas if needed, as well as encouraging you to be creative, tailoring the tasks to your interests and specific school culture!

Rainbow Ambassadors will:

  • Plan 1 general activity (i.e. putting up posters, flyers, etc. around campus, or social media promotion)

  • Plan 1 informational activity (i.e. partnering with other student groups to host a Double Rainbow Project themed event, holding a Double Rainbow Project photo shoot, or get a story in the school newspaper)

  • Plan 1 social consciousness activity that promotes kindness in some other way (i.e. volunteering locally with a group of students or creating an activity that does something good for the community)

Any perks?

Of course! Not only will you be able to spread our mission and the joy of rainbows to those around you, you'll be able to get your box of rainbows as well get the opportunity to create your own set!

Sounds amazing! How do I apply?

Click below to fill out our program application! We want to see your creativity and passion for spreading the Double Rainbow Project's Mission. 

Positions are limited so apply today! Applications will be reviewed on a regular basis. We are so excited to hear from you and can't wait to work together to make the world a happier place, one rainbow at a time!

Apply to be a Rainbow Ambassador today!

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