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Breast Cancer Awareness Suncatcher Set

  • 🌈 Bring joy to your space while saving birds from window collisions with this gorgeous heart, awareness ribbon, and butterly rainbow prisms. These rainbow makers break up reflections on the glass and warn birds away in time to avoid window strikes. 

    💫 The decals stick to the window purely with static cling, not sticker adhesives, so they are movable, reusable and never fade. Window decals can be applied to windows, glass doors, patio doors and sliding glass doors.

✨ Window suncatchers are made with a translucent prismatic vinyl which captures sunlight and sprinkles your space with rainbows with direct sunlight. The Sun catchers are constantly magically changing colors. Any light source makes the prismatic gems sparkle.

    📏 Please see the photo with the ruler for measurements.

    🎁 An easy way to provide a meaningful gift. Especially wonderful for: Bird lovers, college dorms, nurseries, sending joy in a greeting card and no need for extra postage if it's under an ounce.

    🦅 If preventing bird strikes, please place on the outside of a clean window. If applying in cold weather, please use warm water to wash the window first.

    💖 Made with love by 2 friends on a mission to bring more joy into the world. For each set sold, the Double Rainbow Project donates a set to bring someone else joy. To date over 2,000 sets (and counting) have been donated to hospitals, nursing homes and those battling serious illnesses. Follow along at our IG @doublerainbowproject to see our donation impact.

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